The Beginning of an Origin Story…

Life doesn’t always pan out the way you think it will. Sometimes you think you know which way you are headed upon the clear-cut path of life, only to get a phone call or email that informs you that you need a better GPS. I am sure everyone has had that sinking, life-changing experience at least once within their lifetime. For example, last week I found out that the Graduate program that I had set my heart out for had preemptively decided that we should see other people. This is by far the worst break-up story I have…

Of course I handled the news in a very mature manner (only crying for a half an hour, and moping around for two additional days in my room before picking myself up of the ground of failure). Finding a way to be optimistic about falling off the trail you had thought you were destined for over the past two years is hard, but sustaining life through left-over pizza and a nonstop stream of Netflix shows is harder. Somewhere between the stale crust and tenth marathon-ed episode of Arrested Development you begin to realize that although you are very upset, you are still alive. At that point you start to understand that ‘just because I have not gotten into the career that I had I thought I wanted, doesn’t mean my life is over’.

So here I am, Dear Reader; a soon-to-be English Graduate of twenty-two years with a new list of possible dreams to pursue. I have decided that this changing time is the time for optimism! Moving forward, I will fight even harder for what I want, despite its place on my initial road map of life. Starting with this blog, shall begin anew. I will document the day-to-day, and overcome the issues that will surely arise in ways that I will be proud to look back on. Here is to looking towards the future, and side-eyeing the past!

Until next time!

-J. Dixon-

Author: J. Dixon

I've got my BA in English, and am now in a broadcasting program... a little less worrying.

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